The object was created as part of the St Paul’s demonstration against Capitalism in 2012 (Image 1&2) when artist had re-created characters from the Monopoly board as props for this demonstration. The artist had used flat coloured paint with black spray paint as drawing lines, typical of a graffiti artist. Interestingly this piece of graffiti inspired art had been vandalised by graffiti that was not part of the artists original intention. The plywood support had also been badly broken.

The support was repaired and the non-original graffiti removed. A small amount of re-touching was carried out to the repaired areas.

Image 3 : “Cardinal Sin”
This sculpture required consolidation of the plinth and retouching of damaged areas around the bust.

Image 4 : “Ganger Rat”
The small work is water sensitive, therefore handling marks were treated using a Velvasil gel with the addition of 2% pH adjusted water so as not to affect the acrylic priming.

all images with permission (Private Collection)